• In Fashion UK and with all of our Manufacturers worldwide we follow a strict Code of Conduct.


  • We ensure that working conditions are safe and hygienic.


  • It is important that we ensure that we follow all environmental requirements in the countries of manufacturing.


  • Child labour will not be used.


  • All workers shall be paid the national legal standards.


  • There will never be any discrimination in terms of hiring, compensation, promotion, termination or retirement based on Race, Caste, National Origin, Religion, Age, Disability, Gender, Marital Status, Sexual Orientation, Union Membership or Political affiliation.


  • Regular Employment is Provided.


  • No Harsh Or Inhumane Treatment is Allowed.


  • Fashion UK will not knowingly use Suppliers who violate applicable laws and regulations.


  • No Bribery or Corruption will be Tolerated.


In terms of our product -  


  • We ensure that all of our Products will comply with the most stringent Health and Safety Standards.


  • Every style will be independently tested to ensure that International product safety standards are achieved.


  • Our products are designed to ensure that we sell environmentally-friendly products.


  • We follow strict garment Quality Control Standards based on the most rigorous worldwide regulations.


  • It is critical that we select the best materials, dyes, manufacturing and printing systems for all products.


  • We ensure that suppliers can be in no doubt about the required Product Quality Standards.   

Read our Modern Day Slavery Policy Here

Every factory is inspected by an Internationally recognised Auditing/Inspection company prior to working together and then on a yearly basis 

We only want our products to be made in factories that will commit to our values and we will ensure that they sign our strict Manufacturing Agreement

It is important that we care about the way that we do business and how this impacts the local communities, our employees and the world in General – “Care for the Planet”